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Unseasonably Cool

by Bruce Enloe

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Late Fight 04:04
Train Song 04:10
God Particle 05:19
Beth's Song 04:14
Sober 04:41
Peter Murphy 03:38
Driving Back 05:24


43 years of writing and two years of part time studio effort has finally hit the home stretch for this 'Unseasonably Cool' new batch of tunes... This is my second album, and much like the first (Bonfire, 2012), it features a new batch of original, lyric driven songs written over the course of a well traveled life; and it continues to explore my favourite themes of life, love, hope and even loss... But right about there is where the similarity starts to shift...

The recording of the first album was a great moment for me-- I reached out and asked for help and got it--a core band was formed that centered around the production efforts of my good friends (and wildly talented in their own right) Ben Mullin and Brad Turcotte... Others came as well-- many folks that I met through the restaurant and music venue that I own, book music for, am the chef of, and run with my wife and partner, Nicole LeBlanc (The Branch Restaurant and Texas Grill). I invited lots of people to help, to be honest, many more than I thought would have any desire to stick around and see it through. But to my surprise, not only did almost everyone I asked say yes and help record the album, they also all decided to stick around and I ended up with a line-up that included a regular crew of 8 (?!) players. That group, mostly intact, has continued to back me up several times a year ever since. It has become one of the greatest honours of my life to work with this incredible team, a group that, for some silly reason, we named The Burning Sensations.

Although I am still amazed at the ambition it took to accomplish the recording of that first album, the truth is that after we continued to play together (and get better at playing together...), the experience also left us all wondering... "What if?" What if this band--all these talented players and studio wizards actually had the time and space to stretch out? To explore? To bring their full talents to bear on a new batch of tunes? This new album, Unseasonably Cool, attempts to do exactly that. Our goal was to create a fully realized studio effort, paying tribute (not comparing, mind you, just a tribute...) to my studio heroes from Brian Wilson and George Martin, to Dave Fridmann, Robert Schneider and Jim O'Rourke-- We set out to honour the genre of the classic studio album, and, (ironically?) in the process, we stepped out of the conventions of genre altogether-- Our experiments ending up taking my songs as a guide and using them to test the waters of everything from power pop, acid rock, old time, blues driven soul, to indie rock, cosmic country, folk rock and even a tip of the hat to new wave pop... The product of these efforts is a very different sounding album from the first on the surface-- Shiny new sounds, louder and harder rock than Bonfire in several places, and then quieter and softer in others-- And yes, in the process, Stones were Rolled, Beatles were Byrded, Simons were Garfunkeled and Neutral Milk Hotels were Wilco-ed... and we had fun, and we worked, and we played... and the final judgement? Does it work? Well, for that, I will have to let you decide for yourself... :)


released July 1, 2015

The Burning Sensations are:

Bruce Enloe: (songwriter) rhythm guitar and lead vocals;
Ben Mullin: lead guitar, moog, production and backup vocals;
Doug Hendry: backup vocals;
Shawn Yakimovich: mandolin, trumpet, violin AND fiddle;
Tom Graham: piano;
Jay Williams: bass (emeritus);
Brad Turcotte: production, drum programming and bass (current);
Shawn Brown: pedal steel;
Mark Ettinger: drums;
Additional occasional participation (studio and live): Heather Mullin, Steve Pelehos, Greg Kelly, Steve Gaw, Matty McKechnie and Tom Brown.


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Bruce Enloe Kemptville, Ontario

Genre Fluid.

Yes, some of it is funny, but not all of it... and, yes, some of it sweet, but it's not just that either. Some of it is weird... because... cantaloupe!

All of it is lyric driven songwriting at the core from a well traveled musician based in Kemptville, Ontario who is widely known for playing at Farmers' Markets in exchange for free vegetables.

Will work for beets.
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